Bourdieu's Politics

Bourdieu's Politics

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In the last decade of his career, the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu became involved in a series of high-profile political interventions, defending the cause of striking students and workers, speaking out in the name of illegal immigrants, the homeless and the unemployed, challenging the incursion of the market into the field of artistic and intellectual production. The first sustained analysis of Bourdieu's politics, this study seeks to assess the validity of his claims as to the distinctiveness and superiority of his own field theory as a tool of political analysis.If Bourdieua#39;s analyses of Kabyle practice were full of allusions to poetry, to Bachelarda#39;s Poetics ... to the Kabyles an inherent a#39;interesta#39; in conserving and accumulating a#39;symbolic capitala#39; through judicious a#39;strategiesa#39; in the realms of gift exchange and marriage. ... or doxic adherence to a#39;the illusio in the sense of investment in the game and its stakes, of interest for 44 The poetics and politics of practice.

Title:Bourdieu's Politics
Author:Jeremy F. Lane
Publisher:Routledge - 2006-11-22


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