Boolean Gröbner Bases

Boolean Gröbner Bases

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There exist very few concepts in computational algebra which are as central to theory and applications as Grobner bases. This thesis describes theory, algorithms and applications for the special case of Boolean polynomials. These parts form the mathematical foundations of the PolyBoRi framework (developed by the author together with Alexander Dreyer). The PolyBoRi framework has applications spread over a large number of domains ranging from formal verification, computational biology to cryptanalysis and many more. It is emerged to a worldwide audience by the Sage computational algebra system.We have concentrated ourselves on problems that could not be solved by algebraic methods before. ... optimizations from section 5.2.2 and section 5.2.3, we were able to get a time of 24 seconds on a MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz Core Duo 2 (usinganbsp;...

Title:Boolean Gröbner Bases
Author:Michael Brickenstein
Publisher:Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH - 2010


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