Books On Demand: Catalogue

Books On Demand: Catalogue

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qAn exhibition of recent experimental bookwork by ZoAl Sadokiereski, Books On Demand investigates the possibilities of print-on-demand publishing. The 12 books in the show have eclectic themes: Birds With Smutty Names depicts 20 birds with names that prove ornithologists have a sense of humour, from the Agile Tit-Tyrant to the Moustached Flowerpiercer, each bird is illustrated using collaged pages from an erotic novel; Analogue Bodies is a collection of essays by Tom Lee, about feet and teeth, illustrated using archival material from science museums; Writers' Typewriters presents anecdotes about 45 famous writers' creative process, alongside drawings of their actual typewriters. This catalogue documents the process behind each book, with reflections on the print-on-demand production cost of these overheads is distributed across the quantity of books printed, so the more books printed, the cheaper the unit-price per book. This production model carries financial problems for niche publishers and authors who self- publish.

Title:Books On Demand: Catalogue
Author:Zoe Sadokierski - 2014


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