Book of the Witch Moon Choronzon Edition

Book of the Witch Moon Choronzon Edition

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Presenting the forbidden works of Chaos, Vampiric and Luciferian Sorcery. A grimoire which explores the dark feminine current of HECATE, Witch Moon explores ritual and dream Lycanthropy, Chaos Sorcery and Luciferian Ritual practice as well as the darksome practice of Vampirism and Predatory Spirituality. The Nine Angles and the Trapezoid workings, inspired by Anton LaVey and presented around the cult of Daeva-Yasna, the persian demon-sorcery of Yatuk Dinoih. Contains the Rituals of Dream, ritual and astral vampirism as an initiatory tool, other Cabalistic workings presenting the Qlippoth. Contains the Grimoire based on Ancient Egyptian Vampirism, LIBER AAPEP, Luciferian Magick practice, The Chaos Cult Workings of Choronzon as Vampire, The Rites of Hecate, the Infernal and Luciferian Sabbat, and the foundations of Satanic practice in Magick.Michael W. Ford. Karezza Karezza is a form of sexual magick, involving building up and controlling sexual drive for transferring to magickal ... It is used to charge a particular wish, or focus energy and bring it into manifestation in a specific form. ... (masturbation) which are implemented to reach the point of orgasm and shortly before the sorcerer stops and focuses ... this rampant energy which the sorcerer is controlling may, during vision or dream, be fulfilled in another desired area.

Title:Book of the Witch Moon Choronzon Edition
Author:Michael W. Ford - 2006-03-01


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