Bomb Squad NYC Boxed Set

Bomb Squad NYC Boxed Set

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The yeara€™s most explosive series now collected at a shattering 50% everyday discount! a€œIs it possible for an author to write beautifully about bombs? J.E. Fishman has proven in A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS that it's not only possible, it's a fact that's as apparent as the brilliant fire and acrid smoke bursting forth from an IED. This explosive new Bomb Squad NYC series, starring the cops who report to Commander Joseph Capobianco in the action-packed backdrop of New York City, delivers all the cinematic terror and thrills of a Showtime original series. Be on guard for a Bomb Squad NYC thriller to be making a big bang on your bookshelf or Kindle when you least expect it.a€ a€”Vincent Zandri, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Remains a€œBLAST FROM THE PAST is an explosive thriller that will blow readers away. J.E. Fishman's hero, NYPD Bomb Squad cop Kieran Lehane, along with his loyal bomb-detecting dog, Georgia, detect the hidden scents of terror, lies and impending catastrophe. Lehane is forced to go it alone and puts his career and his life on the line in pursuit of a terrible truth. Fishman ratchets up the suspense with action, page after page, as the clock counts down to an ultimate disaster a€” in a book so filled with NYPD insider information that readers can almost smell the Semtex.a€ --Kieran Crowley, New York Times bestselling author of Hack a€œAn amazing and authentic page-turner, down to the final tick. Hurt Locker meets Lethal Weapon.a€ a€”Sandra Brannan, Author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series a€œBLAST FROM THE PAST is a wonderfully smart thriller with all the gritty authenticity one looks for in a police detective novel. The rough-around the-edges cop, with his adorable bomb-sniffing dog, takes readers on a romp through the back alleys and backwaters of the New York metropolitan area in pursuit of a terrorist operation. The details of bomb detection are meticulously researched and very well done. And I particularly liked the female NY Times reporter who held her own in pursuing the case that the NTSB wanted buried. BLAST FROM THE PAST is a compulsive page-turner that will keep you up until the late hours. The suspense builds with every chapter.a€ --Kitty Pilgrim, journalist and bestselling author of The Stolen Chalice a€œFeaturing meticulous research, memorable characters and relentless suspense, A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS ticks down to a conclusion as explosive as a block of C4. I cana€™t wait for Book Two in the Bomb Squad NYC series!a€ a€”Allan Leverone, Bestselling author of Parallax View and All Enemies qWith A DANGER TO HIMSELF AND OTHERS J.E. Fishman has crafted a tale of old wounds festering until they erupt decades later in ways no one could possibly have foreseen or forestalled. You'll be glued to every page of this white-knuckle series opener -- and when it's over, demanding the next installment!q a€”Diane Capri, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Hunt for Jack Reacher SeriesYoua#39;ll be glued to every page of this white-knuckle series opener -- and when ita#39;s over, demanding the next installment!aquot; a€”Diane Capri, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Hunt for Jack Reacher Series

Title:Bomb Squad NYC Boxed Set
Author:J.E. Fishman
Publisher:Verbitrage - 2014-10-20


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