Body by God

Body by God

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Your body is by God. God preprogrammed you to look great, have outrageous health, and experience incredible happiness. In the human body, God created a perfect design, equipped with all the organs, tissues, and cells necessary for health, production, and reproduction. The problem, asserts Dr. Ben Lerner, is when we as humans interfere with God's design for our bodies. Junk food, high-stress living, and neglecting exercise are just a few of the things we do to hinder our bodies' performance. In Body by God, Dr. Lerner offers a comprehensive plan for getting in touch with our bodies in four areas: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and time management. His q5-in-5q plan is designed to instill the good habits that will lead to optimum health benefits. Readers will learn how to get in shape with 10-minute workouts, reprogram the way they react to stress, and more. qOwner's Manual Tipsq give specific ways to apply the material to real life. Our bodies are qfearfully and wonderfully made.q With the help of Body by God, readers will learn how to achieve the highest level of performance from God's handiwork.The Ownera#39;s Manual for Maximized Living Ben Lerner ... I like to get to my clinic about half an hour before it opens so I can get settled in and focus my mind on the tasks of the day and the needs of my ... Someone had broken into my vehicle overnight and ripped the radio right out of my car and stolen all my tapes and CDs.

Title:Body by God
Author:Ben Lerner
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2007-06-03


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