Blue Spots! Yellow Spots!

Blue Spots! Yellow Spots!

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Meet the Frazzies from the Land of Dushkin! These fuzzy-haired creatures are alike in every way but one . . . some have yellow spots and some have blue. Will this small difference keep them apart forever? In this enchanting tale, Blue Spots! Yellow Spots! John Atwood and Jenean Atwood Baynes teach a gentle lesson in tolerance of differences. Their rich, inventive language and charming portrayal of a moral lesson place this father and daughter firmly in the storytelling tradition of Dr. Seuss. Inspired by a family tradition of storytelling, a father and daughter s literary works take children of all ages to a mystical, magical world. The lessons of life such as cooperation, trust and kindness are but strokes on this fantastical canvas intertwined with unusual, imaginative characters who crawl, bounce and fly-walk through an enchanted place.... cannot reach youa#39;ll find The Land of Dushkin and would you believe that Dushkins live to dance and sing and work and play and make beautiful things! ... Twist to the left, twist to the right, Twister Dushkins love to twist all day and all night!

Title:Blue Spots! Yellow Spots!
Author:Jenean Atwood Baynes, John H. Atwood
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2012-11


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