Blood on a Saint

Blood on a Saint

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In the seventh book of the deftly written Collins-Burke Mystery series, Father Brennan Burkea€™s patience is pushed to the limit when a young woman announces to the world that the Virgin Mary has appeared to her in the churchyard, and hordes of pilgrims, souvenir hawkers, and reporters converge on the scene. But, as unwelcome as these guests may be, they pale in comparison to yet another aggravation in Father Burkea€™s life, a controversial talk show host who clashes with Burke upon arriving in town. Events take a darker turn when a body is found at the apparition site, and the talk show host is picked up for the murder. There is enough aggravation to go around, as Monty Collins learns when he takes on the loud-mouthed TV man as a client. Monty and Brennan both have a stake in uncovering the truth about the murder, and they both learn disturbing things about the accused man and other suspects in the case. Neither man can talk to the other about what he has learned, however, due to solicitora€“client confidentiality on one side, the seal of the confessional on the other.a€œIa#39;ve been at morning Mass, Pike, a€ he replied, and winked at the receptionist, Darlene, on the way tohis office withhis client in tow. a€œBloodylikely! ... hangover, and he had felt as ifhe were suspended between heaven and earth. Thepresence of Podgis, bug-eyed and sweating inhis fur-lined bomber jacket, slammed him down onto the hard ground of earth once again. ... Whata#39;s your next point?a€ a€œYou sitanbsp;...

Title:Blood on a Saint
Author:Anne Emery
Publisher:ECW Press - 2013-11-01


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