Blog Rules

Blog Rules

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From the millions of people with a conviction or cause they're eager to share with like-minded readers, to the thousands of corporations looking for a more effective and reliable way to build trust-based relationships with their customers, it's no wonder that an astonishing 80, 000 new web logs - or qblogsq - are appearing daily. Unfortunately, this includes employees who might reveal confidential company information, and even official corporate blogs that could potentially misrepresent company finances. Everyone, it seems, is blogging, and any organization that fails to take advantage of this exciting new platform, while also protecting itself from legal liabilities as well as critical or defamatory remarks, is sure to suffer the consequences. Blog Rules is a best-practices guide to establishing the blog-related policies and procedures your business needs. You'll learn how to: * Legally and ethically regulate employees' personal blogs that mention the company * Protect trade secrets and other proprietary information * Manage the legal and business exposure associated with corporate blogs * Respond swiftly and effectively to blog assaults against the company - and much more. The book helps you control your message and your brand, showing you how to train and familiarize your people with the rules you've established, and how to protect your reputation from both internal and external sources. Featuring secrets, strategies, and success stories from real-life companies, including IBM and Stonyfield Farms, Blog Rules is the one guide you need to ensure that your organization is helped and not hindered by this revolutionary tool.A Business Guide to Managing Policy, Public Relations, and Legal Issues Nancy Flynn ... What separates a successful business blog from an effective corporate web page is, in part, the heartfelt honesty, the transparency, ... Take the case of Mazdaa#39;s ill-fated attempt to use the blogosphere to reach Gen Y buyers, the generation of 57 million young ... In one video, a Mazda3 attempted to break dance.

Title:Blog Rules
Author:Nancy Flynn
Publisher:AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn - 2006-01-01


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