Blind Curves

Blind Curves

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After months of following one-size-fits-all advice for a fifty-seven-year-old widow, Linda Crill is still miserable, until she makes a rebellious spur-of-the-moment decision: she trades her corporate suits for motorcycle leathers and commits herself to a 2, 500-mile road trip down Americaa€™s Pacific Northwest coast on a Harley. The problema€”she doesna€™t know how to ride and has only thirty days to learn. Four short weeks later, Linda joins two men and a woman for a white-knuckled, exhilarating road trip along the west coast from Vancouver, Canada, to the wine country of Mendocino, California. Along the way she encounters washed-out mountain roads, small town hospitality, humming redwoods, and acceptance from gentle souls who happen to have tattoos and piercings. By heading into the unknowna€”the blind curvea€”she faces her fears, tests old beliefs, and discovers not only a broader horizon of possibilities to use in building the next phase of her life, but also the fuel to make it happen. Funny, irreverent, and extraordinarily honest, ita€™s the perfect read for people looking for ways to reinvent themselves, and anyone asking: a€œWhat now?a€But she cooked hearty meals, created beautiful hand-sewn quilts, and crocheted intricate designs with the thinnest metal crochet hook ... For each of her grandchildren, she crocheted large, one-of-a-kind lace tablecloths with delicate patterns.

Title:Blind Curves
Author:Linda Crill
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2014-11-18


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