Black Sheep

Black Sheep

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Black Sheep is the powerful new thriller by Arlene Hunt. The brutally murdered body of a young girl is discovered in the Wicklow mountains. Her identity is unknown. One month later David Reid, a successful designer, is found dead in a Dublin canal. Close to his body is a broken silver key ring with the words Meridian Club on it. Gardai are keen to chalk it up to death by misadventure, but his brother refuses to accept their findings, and enlists the help of rookie detectives John Quigley and Sarah Kenny of QuicK Investigations. As the investigation progresses, Sarah and John begin to learn that there was more to David Reid than his brother knew. And in no time at all, the body count is rising and everyone is lying to protect their own. What happened to David Reid that night? Is he connected to the young dead girl? What is the Meridian Club? As John and Sarah struggle to find the answers to those questions, little do the realise their investigation is starting to ruffle the feathers of one very dangerous man . . .Sharpie lowered his eyebrows and looked first at Mick and then at Micka#39;s boss, his expression a perfect example of puzzled innocence. a#39;What you talkina#39; ... a#39; Sharpiea€”a#39; a#39;Nah, Mick, he needs to backa€”a#39; Big Jack reached down and slapped the side of Sharpiea#39;s face. The sound ... You ever speak to me like that again, Ia#39;ll rip that fucking head clean off your shoulders and stuff it up your arse for you.a#39; a#39;Big Jack.

Title:Black Sheep
Author:Arlene Hunt
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2010-09-06


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