Black & Decker Switches & Receptacles

Black & Decker Switches & Receptacles

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DIVThe editors of Creative Publishing, international, now bring you the ebook Quick Read: Switches a Receptacles. This quick read, excerpted from the best-selling The Black a Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition, includes step-by-step instructions for installing and testing switches and receptacles. This quick read includes information about basic wall switches and their different types, specialty switches, and how to test switches. In the receptacles section, you'll learn about types of receptacles (including GFCI) and receptacles wiring and testing. If you would like additional, related wiring information, look for The Black a Decker Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th edition. /divFrom the basic 15-amp, 120-volt duplex receptacle to the burly 50-amp, 240-volt appliance receptacle, the many outlets ... A 15-amp circuit should be wired with 15-amp receptacles; a 20amp circuit, such as a small appliance circuit in a ... circuit protection, tripping the circuit breaker if there is a ground fault or power surge.

Title:Black & Decker Switches & Receptacles
Author:Editors of CPi
Publisher:Creative Publishing international - 2012-10-01


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