Black Cowboys of the Old West

Black Cowboys of the Old West

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The word cowboy conjures up vivid images of rugged men on saddled horsesa€”men lassoing cattle, riding bulls, or brandishing guns in a shoot-out. White men, as Hollywood remembers them. What is woefully missing from these scenes is their counterparts: the black cowboys who made up one-fourth of the wranglers and rodeo riders. This book tells their story. When the Civil War ended, black men left the Old South in large numbers to seek a living in the Old Westa€”industrious men resolved to carve out a life for themselves on the wild, roaming plains. Some had experience working cattle from their time as slaves; others simply sought a freedom they had never known before. The lucky travelled on horseback; the rest, by foot. Over dirt roads they went from Alabama and South Carolina to present-day Texas and California up north through Kansas to Montana. The Old West was a land of opportunity for these adventurous wranglers and future rodeo champions. A long overdue testament to the courage and skill of black cowboys, Black Cowboys of the Old West finally gives these courageous men their rightful place in history. Praise for an earlier book by the same author: a€œWhether you are a history enthusiast or a lover of adventure stories, African American Women of the Old West presents the reader with fascinating accounts of ten extraordinary, generally unrecognized, African Americans. Tricia Martineau Wagner takes these remarkable women from the footnotes of history and brings them to life.a€ a€”Ed Diaz, President of the Association for African American Historical Research and Preservation... which sported horns six to nine feet wide. it was an oddity few cowboys understood, yet marveled at. tufts of light lit up the ... unnerved the herd and served as the impulse to bolt. the panic-stricken animals would take off in a sudden frenzied rush, ... cowboys would then turn the herd in on itself, eventually bringing the cattle to a halt. the syncopation of group snorting, ... love headed to Deadwood in Dakota territory with the Gallinger cowboys to deliver a large herd of cattle. they droveanbsp;...

Title:Black Cowboys of the Old West
Author:Tricia Martineau Wagner
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2010-12-21


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