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This isna€™t rabies. You stab somebody with rabies, they fall down dead and they stay dead. No, this is something much, much worse. Rachael Ramirez has always been tough. Raising a son on her own in Newcastle City has made her that way. Alyssa Briggs, a Newcastle veterinarian, has always shown a gentler side. But when the world went crazy, and she literally ran into Rachael Ramirez as the risen dead overran them, everything changed. Now these bright and beautiful women will build a team of strange, courageous survivors, including a schizophrenic nymphomaniac, a narcissistic playboy, and a ragtag group of hardened soldiers: just what they need to stay alive in this weird new world. And none of them know that Rachael holds a shocking secret to the Resurrection Virus that may be the key to humanitya€™s salvationa€b or prove to be its worst curse. Rachael wants her son back. Alyssa wants to survive. Together with their newfound family of survivors, they do the only thing they can do a€b try not to get bit. Strong women and smart men in hand-to-hand combat with the walking dead, deep in the Big City. What more could you want in an apocalypse?... a Winnebago, a mudspattered sapphire blue Toyota Tundra with an extended crew cab, and finally, taking up the rear, was ... ginger beard, and Paul Bunyan like forearms, was the head of Sector Twentysevena#39;s maintenance and operations.

Author:Tristan Vick
Publisher:Winlock Press - 2015-04-28


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