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This new edition of the book will be produced in two versions. The textbook will include a CD-Rom with two videotaped lectures by the authors. This book translates biostatistics in the health sciences literature with clarity and irreverence. Students and practitioners alike, applaud Biostatistics as the practical guide that exposes them to every statistical test they may encounter, with careful conceptual explanations and a minimum of algebra. Whata€™s New? The newBare Essentialsreflects recent advances in statistics, as well as time-honored methods. For example, a€œhierarchical linear modelinga€ which first appeared in psychology journals and only now is described in medical literature. Also new, is a chapter on testing for equivalence and non-inferiority. As well as a chapter with information to get started with the computer statistics program, SPSS. Free of calculations and jargon, Bare Essentialsspeaks so plainly that you wona€™t need a technical dictionary. No math, all concepts. The objective is to enable you to determine if the research results are applicable to your own patients. Throughout the guide, youa€™ll find highlights of areas in which researchers misuse or misinterpret statistical tests. We have labeled these a€œC.R.A.P. Detectorsa€ (Convoluted Reasoning and Anti-intellectual Pomposity), which help you to identify faulty methodology and misuse of statistics.aquot;Most sample size calculations are based on exact analysis of impossibly wild guesses, resulting in an illusion of precision. ... For some chores on the house, they want to be sufficiently informed that they can hire a professional and feel confident ... If you never intend to do statistics, save a few bucks and buy PDQ. ... the format of the resourcesa€”all medical students, wherever they are, still engorge Harrison and the Merck Manual. ... Most chapters begin with an example to set the stage.

Author:Geoffrey R. Norman, David L. Streiner
Publisher:PMPH-USA - 2008


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