Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition

Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition

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Written specifically for biomedical engineers, Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition provides a complete set of signal and image processing tools, including diagnostic decision-making tools, and classification methods. Thoroughly revised and updated, it supplies important new material on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals, including entropy-based methods and scaling methods. A full set of PowerPoint slides covering the material in each chapter and problem solutions is available to instructors for download. See Whata€™s New in the Third Edition: Two new chapters on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals. Additional examples with biological data such as EEG, ECG, respiration and heart rate variability Nearly double the number of end-of-chapter problems MATLABAr incorporated throughout the text Data qcleaningq methods commonly used in such areas as heart rate variability studies The text provides a general understanding of image processing sufficient to allow intelligent application of the concepts, including a description of the underlying mathematical principals when needed. Throughout this textbook, signal and image processing concepts are implemented using the MATLABAr software package and several of its toolboxes. The challenge of covering a broad range of topics at a useful, working depth is motivated by current trends in biomedical engineering education, particularly at the graduate level where a comprehensive education must be attained with a minimum number of courses. This has led to the development of qcoreq courses to be taken by all students. This text was written for just such a core course. It is also suitable for an upper-level undergraduate course and would also be of value for students in other disciplines that would benefit from a working knowledge of signal and image processing.Speech Sig. Proc. ASSP-35: 1611a€“1618, 1987. Practical information on calculating the Wignera€“Ville distribution. Boashash, B. and ... Good coverage of analytic signal and code fragments for distribution kennels used in Chapter 6. ... This paper has a more thorough explanation as well as examples on the application of the method. ... Friston, K. Statistical Parametric Mapping Online at: Through discussion of practical aspects of fMRI analysis includinganbsp;...

Title:Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition
Author:John L. Semmlow, Benjamin Griffel
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-02-25


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