Bioethics, Medicine and the Criminal Law: Volume 1

Bioethics, Medicine and the Criminal Law: Volume 1

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Who should define what constitutes ethical and lawful medical practice? Judges? Doctors? Scientists? Or someone else entirely? This volume analyses how effectively criminal law operates as a forum for resolving ethical conflict in the delivery of health care. It addresses key questions such as: how does criminal law regulate controversial bioethical areas? What effect, positive or negative, does the use of criminal law have when regulating bioethical conflict? And can the law accommodate moral controversy? By exploring criminal law in theory and in practice and examining the broad field of bioethics as opposed to the narrower terrain of medical ethics, it offers balanced arguments that will help readers form reasoned views on the ethical legitimacy of the invocation and use of criminal law to regulate medical and scientific practice and bioethical issues.Clashes between scholars like Griffiths (pro-euthanasiaa#39;) and Keown (anti2) reveal some markedly different moral calculations, beyond which there has ... In this essay I aim to take a different approach to the topic, in an effort to move things forward. ... this conclusion, I begin with a recent case from the English criminal courts, sketch the ethical arguments usually applied to such cases, and then expand onanbsp;...

Title:Bioethics, Medicine and the Criminal Law: Volume 1
Author:Amel Alghrani, Rebecca Bennett, Suzanne Ost
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2012-11-01


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