Billy Jack, His Life, His Story, His Way

Billy Jack, His Life, His Story, His Way

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For the students of Colerain High School and their friends, life in Cincinnati in the 1950s was an adventure. Now, one of their own shares a look into their lives. This is a story exposing the life of your grandparents. Yes, the lives of your grandmother, the silver-haired beauty that bakes your favorite cakes and cookies, who can soothe any hurt, and who allows you to do anything you wish, and your grandfather, the gentleman, of seemingly never-ending wisdom, experience, and knowledge, who can guide you to the correct decision, and will never say no. In a time long ago, the genteel women and the kindly men of today led a completely different, seemingly out-ofcharacter life. This is a chronicle of their escapades. So you wanted to know just how your grandparents lived their lives during the indestructible, wonderful, fantastic, and unmindful time of their teenage life, then this is the story for you, a real story, a story your grandparents will never tell, yet a story they will never forget.The Roadmaster needed body repairs and new tires. His mother ... She bought it because it was his dream car. It was a a€œdoozy.a€ The car had red and silver interior , red dash, and all the extras, except power windows and air-conditioning.

Title:Billy Jack, His Life, His Story, His Way
Author:William H. Jackson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-06-20


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