Biliteracy and Globalization

Biliteracy and Globalization

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This book analyzes how the urban disadvantaged in the city of New Delhi learn English. Using qualitative methods the author discusses the pedagogy, texts and contexts in which biliteracy occurs and links English language teaching and learning in India with the broader social and economic processes of globalization in a developing country. The study is situated in a government school, a site where classrooms have rarely been qualitatively described, and where the Three Language Formula (TLF) is being fundamentally transformed due to increasing demand from the community for earlier access to the linguistic capital of English. Through research conducted in a call centre the author also shows what the requirements of new workplaces are and how government schools are trying to meet this demand.Thus when the children graduate from the RSKV they are Hindi dominant bilinguals and biliterates without communicative competence in English ... students for 5 days in this two week period for 2 hours per day in which I conducted semi-structured oral and written interviews with the 64 students of grade 12, sections B and C. This essay is based primarily on these 10 ... The written interview is based on the following open ended questions that I wrote on the board in English and Hindi.

Title:Biliteracy and Globalization
Author:Viniti Vaish
Publisher:Multilingual Matters - 2008


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