Big Sky Country, Roundup, Montana

Big Sky Country, Roundup, Montana

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Dr.Earl Shanks of Roundup Montana retired and moved to Dallas, Texas where he runs a Perpetual Poker Game. He met Dr. Anne Townsend, a senior executive with American Airlines, and a recovering gambling addict. His fatherly relationship caused him to engineer a loss to her of part of his 80, 000 acre ranch in Montana. He was hoping to entangle her in a ranching partnership which included a promise that she would give up gambling. He did this by knowingly betting on a losing hand. Real cowboys, cattle rustlers, Special Forces warriors, gamblers, Miami mobsters and a beautiful talented musician and scientist round out this cast of characters who find themselves inextricably connected in this exciting and riveting story and chase that takes you from Miami, to Minnesota , To Dallas Texas, to Montana. This story evokes all the ranges of emotion and intensity as it tells the stories of these exciting people.her how she was, how long she had been there and why she was out in weather like this in Minnesota. As she ... She refused to get out of the car but she was shivering so violently he couldna#39;t just leave her there. ... Ia#39;ll get my truck and I can jump start your car, ok? No, please dona#39;t make me leave my car and then she began sobbing. ... Rem took off running up the hill and within a few minutes he got the keys, made sure the jumper cables were in the truck and ... There should be some.

Title:Big Sky Country, Roundup, Montana
Author:William Johnson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-05-13


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