Bicentennial Baby

Bicentennial Baby

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When Justin Savage awoke the morning after his twenty-ninth birthday he had no way of knowing that his world and the world's of his two very best friends, Syl and Casey, were about to change forever. That morning, nursing hang over and increasingly content with boredom, Justin learns that Syl has quit her job. She has gone from being the rock in his life to being unemployed and directionless. In the weeks that follow Casey is fired from his job and Justin is left to face the corporate beast all alone. These events trigger swirling paths of self-discovery for the three lost friends. Challenged by decreased career opportunities, drastically overpriced educations, complicated family dynamics, dysfunctional romances, and disposable friendships, Syl, Casy and Justin find their purpose in the most unlikely of places. Their story is one for every twenty or thirty-something that has looked around at the world they have inherited and wondered what the hell went wrong.... peace of the market on an early Sunday morning by trying to flirt with random girls examining milk expiration dates. ... Somehow, their help still wasna#39;t enough to keep me clear of credit card debt and Ia#39;ve got the statements to prove it.

Title:Bicentennial Baby
Author:Joe Scartz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-07


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