Beyond the Sentence

Beyond the Sentence

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Modern day discussions of injustice will inevitably lead to the gripping yet terrifying story of Jason Bishop. The victim of corrupt and unjust judicial and correctional systems, Bishop endured unspeakable and unimaginable hardships, yet fought for what he believed- what he knew- were his inalienable rights as an American citizen. A skilled con-artist by nature, Bishop managed to obtain most of what he needed in life through cunning and deceit. His eventual epiphany and plan to reform his life was abruptly interrupted though, when he was unexpectedly arrested and incarcerated. Life from that point forward consisted of rape, sickness, torture, and injustice- all under the tacit approval of a corrupt penal system Bishopa€™s intelligence and resilience were his only weapons with which to fight back against the malfunctioning system- a system whereby Bishop was forced to fend for himself while prison staff members were represented by the Attorney General of the State of Georgia. Through tireless studying in prison law libraries, Bishop garnered the skills and abilities needed to plead his case in the judicial system. Even through sickness and confining hospital isolation, Bishop pressed ahead. Would his fight end in victory and justice, or would it result in a futile attempt to vindicate his rights and further evidence of the degradation and corruption of the American a€œsystem?a€The customer service rep smiled at me. ... Just give me one of those store gift cards with the appropriate amount onit, and Ia#39;ll be on myway. ... Ithen went through the checkout line and turned the store card into an American Express Gift Card.

Title:Beyond the Sentence
Author:Glenn Painter
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2014-08-08


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