Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem

Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem

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Enticing yet potentially damaging a€˜mythsa€™ about self-esteem have become so deeply entrenched in pop culture that many accept them as truth. They have infiltrated parenting, teaching, the media, celebrity culture, advertising and even religion. Drawing on a wide range of resources and insights from his extraordinary experiences, John Smith uncovers common myths about self-esteem and explores their effects on individuals and society. To those who have come under the influence of these myths, he offers a fresh perspective on self-esteem and personal identity and the possibility of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem is essential reading if you are looking for a deeper understanding of your world. It will be of particular interest to those who have encountered unexpected obstacles along the path to living their dreams or have a lurking suspicion that there must be more to life than chasing success and spending money.Emerson never mentions a#39;selfesteema#39; in his essay, but his every word echoes with the selfesteem movement of today.2 ... He introduced the a#39;harm principle a€“ each individual has the right to act as they want, as long as the action does not harmanbsp;...

Title:Beyond the Myth of Self-Esteem
Author:John Smith
Publisher:Acorn Press Ltd. - 2014-12-22


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