Beyond Explicit

Beyond Explicit

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Develops a novel characterization of the pornographic as a cultural concept. This original contribution to porn studies aims to interrogate previously untheorized changes in contemporary understandings of the pornographic. Helen Hester argues that the words a€œporna€ and a€œpornographica€ are currently being applied to an ever-expanding range of material and that this change in language usage reflects a wider shift in perception. She suggests that we are witnessing a seemingly paradoxical move away from sex within contemporary understandings of porn, as a range of other factors come to influence the concept. Using examples from media, literature, and culture, and discussing the rise of notions such as a€œtorture porna€ and a€œmisery porn, a€ Hestera€™s argument ranges from sexually explicit German novels and British policy documents to a discussion of the differences between European and American editions of pornographic films. She concludes that four factors in particulara€”transgression, intensity, prurience, and authenticitya€”can be seen to influence the way that we think about porn.... like E. L. Jamesa#39;s Fifty Shades of Greya€”but a€œerotic writing has proliferated online since the mid-1990sa€ (Paasonen, ... Walker was cleared in June 2009 (see Swash), but cases like this indicate that concern about pornography goes beyond the use and potential abuse of real bodies, ... free bonus VHS tapes and DVDs since the 1980s; video and print publishing companies have branched out to onlineanbsp;...

Title:Beyond Explicit
Author:Helen Hester
Publisher:SUNY Press - 2014-02-01


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