Beverly Hills White

Beverly Hills White

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When the doctor died, he held the secret to all the things his friends had done. He wanted, clearly, to make a better life for himself, but in the end, it all came to a bloody end in the middle of his office. The wife, almost helplessly and hopelessly inept, had to struggle through the death, the burial, and the life without his guidance to help her. The detectives were relentless in the search for the killers of the popular and successful doctor. They didn't have the slightest intention of letting up until the shooter, the killer, was caught. The whole country read about it in the papers and followed the day by day information given them by the Beverly Hills Police Department Public Affairs Official. Not once did anything stop the police from getting their man.After seeing a€œeveryonea€œ with big tires hea#39;d gotten the biggest he thought would work without pulling back on the E40D transmission, 31a€œ all terrain for mud, snow, sand, and rocky ... The big problem, he smiled, was parking between the lines.

Title:Beverly Hills White
Author:Olin Thompson
Publisher:Bookwarren Publishing Servi - 2008-01-01


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