Better Than Best Practice

Better Than Best Practice

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Better than Best Practice offers a new way of thinking about classroom practice, professional development, and improving teaching and learning. This companion book and website together offer a selection of rich and realistic video-based case studies, context and narrative, step-by-step guidance through key issues, and commentary and debate from a range of expert contributors. Carefully chosen video clips from primary school literacy lessons show real teachers in a variety of often knotty situations: classroom conversations that take unexpected turns; grappling with assessment; managing disagreements, to name a few. The book explores the educational potential of classroom talk and, in particular, the promise and problems of dialogic pedagogy. With an emphasis on the complexity and a€˜messinessa€™ of teaching, Better than Best Practice considers how to learn from observing and discussing practice in order to develop professional judgment. It offers practical advice on how to organise and facilitate video-based professional development in which teachers share their practice with colleagues in order to learn from one anothera€™s challenges, problems, dilemmas and breakthroughs. This exciting new resource argues that critical discussions of practice, which highlight dilemmas instead of prescribing solutions, help to develop and support thoughtful, flexible, and insightful practitioners: an approach that is better than best practice.Developing Teaching and Learning Through Dialogue Adam Lefstein, Julia Snell , University of Leeds ... by a line of a#39;treesa#39;. They may also be bandaged by darkness, by the owl gliding, by the fear that darkness and the owl bring. ... own teaching, I found Aidan Chambersa#39; wonderful book Tell Me (Thimble Press) invaluable.

Title:Better Than Best Practice
Author:Adam Lefstein, Julia Snell, University of Leeds
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-11-12


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