Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules

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The hardest thing is doing what's right Nathan Devereux's parenting days are over. He raised his siblings, and now he's ready to start living a life free of responsibility. After the year he's had, he deserves it. But when the daughter he never knew existed and her way too tempting guardian, Emma Sloan, show up, his plans go out the window. Nathan can't ignore his daughtera€bor Emma. Yet having a relationship with them means giving up what he's worked for. Worse, his past is sneaking up behind him and could threaten them all. He faces a choice he's not sure he can makea€”or even wants to. Turn his back on Emma and his daughter? Or bend the rules to protect them? Either way, their future is at stake.NathaN sloucheD oN the leather couch in his living room, not paying a lot of attention to the football game. Frankie and Cal were here, along with Patrick, Darcy and Marco. Watching the game together on Monday nights had evolved into aanbsp;...

Title:Bending the Rules
Author:Margaret Watson
Publisher:Harlequin - 2013-02-01


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