Beliefs that Bias Food & Agriculture

Beliefs that Bias Food & Agriculture

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The book answers 10 questions addressed to the author in various forms. Some are personal, while others relate to global issues. All are answered with candor and detailed explanation. The answers will not suit those who seek confirmation of popular viewpoints, nor will they suit those who insist they are doing good without having knowledge of what they are really doing. But they will admirably suit those extremely important persons from all walks of life who are open to new knowledge, who can accept challenges to their beliefs and received knowledge. The answers cover such topics as: - why livestock are critical to food security - why free trade and markets can't solve food shortages - why aid shouldn't insist poor countries follow our model - how to reconcile science and commerce with popular ideals - how gross domestic happiness can be a serious topic - how more food can be produced with less land and fertilizer - why labels like Buddhist and vegetarian confuse life - what traditional wisdom is critical to development - how misrepresentation fuels fears about climate change - why small farmers and foreign agribusiness must coexist... 345 Karen Armstrong (2006) The Great Transformation: The Beginnings of our Religious Traditions. ... whispered Trillian to Ford. ... Which is why it was eventually decided to cut through the whole tangled problem and breed an animal that actually wanted to be eaten and was capable of ... We havena#39;t eaten in five hundred ... Zaphod and Ford wolfed straight into them without a seconda#39;s hesitation.

Title:Beliefs that Bias Food & Agriculture
Author:Lindsay Falvey
Publisher:Institute for International Development - 2013-12-25


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