Being Yourself

Being Yourself

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Being yourself: living a life that is truly your own, that expresses your unique personality and your distinctive values. Many people want to live such a life. Being Yourself asks what it takes to do so. It examines questions about the self a€” the individual who acts a€” together with questions about self-expression a€” the relations between the self and action. It explains self-knowledge and self-direction in terms of a repertory of skills that gives people insight into who they are, who they want to be, and how they want to engage with the world. Unlike other accounts of self and action, Being Yourself takes into account the multidimensionality of the self a€” embodiment, interpersonal ties, nonconscious desires, and enculturation as well as rationality. It accents the ways in which atypical emotional responses, empathy, and oppositional imagery can contribute to moral understanding. It argues that repressive regimes cannot completely crush people's determination to live lives of their own, but it shows why it is vital to seek social changes that dismantle obstacles to this kind of life.Essays on Identity, Action, and Social Life Diana Tietjens Meyers ... If a€œa story- telling beinga€ is not an informative characterization of such individuals, it seems to me that narrativity theory must retain the five conceptions of the self I haveanbsp;...

Title:Being Yourself
Author:Diana Tietjens Meyers
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2004-02-23


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