Being there even when you are not

Being there even when you are not

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Whereas most of the leadership literature has focused on direct, interpersonal leadership, few researchers have examined indirect leadership or the leadership of organizations. Of course, direct, personal leadership plays an important role at all levels of the organization. However, we focus here on how leaders use strategy, structures, and systems to create the conditions that stimulate others to meaningfully contribute to the overarching goals of the organization. We therefore explore the role of the strategic leader as an qarchitect.q In this role as strategic architect, we examine how top-level leaders create organizations wherein leadership is developed, knowledge is created and disseminated, meaning is shaped and shared, and where the vision cascades to all corners of the organization. We also explore the qdarkerq side of leader discretion to show the deleterious consequences of leader power. Finally, we examine the complex nature of organizations and the roles of leaders in adapting the organization to the environment in which it operates. The six major sections in this book coincide with these aspects of the leader's architectural focus. The first chapter in each section provides a short theoretical introduction. Following the theory chapters are application chapters, highlighting the practical implications of the theory with real-life examples. The sixth section explores the relationship between complexity theory and strategic leadership.Innovation in the Television Market Sharp Corporation is known for pioneering the revolutionary LCD televisions. ... Sharp was famous for its unique products, but current problems could mean never reaching the top position in the consumer anbsp;...

Title:Being there even when you are not
Author:Robert Hooijberg, James G Hunt, John Antonakis, Kimberly B Boal, Nancy Lane
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing - 2007-01-01


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