Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil

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Cardiac resuscitation was often applied to a patient who was fast asleep. The hapless victim woke from a peaceful slumber to find somebody, often an infidel, jumping up and down on his chest.' Lydia Laube worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia in a society that does not allow women to drive, vote, or speak to a man alone. Wearing head-to-toe coverings in stifling heat, and battling administrative apathy, Lydia Laube kept her sanity and got her passport back. 'Behind the Veil' is the hilarious account of an Australian woman's battle against the odds. It will keep you entertained for hours.By now, having got to know my way around, and a few helpful Saudis, I felt more secure: I had the system working for me. I was nice to some ... The Bedou drives where he wants on the road and scorns traffic rules and road signs. He treats road ... The only gainful jobs which he will take are non-manual ones such as driving.

Title:Behind the Veil
Author:Lydia Laube
Publisher:Wakefield Press - 1991


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