Beginning Joomla!

Beginning Joomla!

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Joomla! is one of the most searcheda€“for and hireda€“for open source content management systems in the world. Since 2007, the combination of Joomla! and Dan Rahmela€™s bestselling Beginning Joomla!, From Novice to Professional have made it so that all you have to do is read a single book to learn how to build sites that take communitya€“authored content and turn it instantly into published web pages with features like rich templating, content management, forums, photo management, and article commenting. Now revised and updated for Joomla! 1.5, this second edition a€œjoba€“ina€“aa€“booka€ provides the solid core of knowa€“how that youa€™ll need to get the most out of your Joomla! deployment, written to fully exploit the features of latest version of Joomla! More than just a simple a€œbuild a toy web sitea€ guide, Beginning Joomla!, Second Edition will give you a wealth of lifea€“saving tips, tricks, tools, and fixes that experienced Joomla! developers use to build powerful, popular web sites while avoiding major headaches. This book covers How to use add and create extensions Access management and how documents, photos, and other content are managed in Joomla! 1.5 Ea€“commerce integration and search engine optimization Dan Rahmel explores the updates to Joomla! 1.5 that youa€™ll need if you already use Joomla! and explains, using the latest terms, how to build a web site from scratch if you dona€™t already use Joomla! An update to the besta€“selling Joomla! title on the market, this is the Joomla! book to get. What youa€™ll learn The best way to set up a Joomla! installation and web server Creating a Joomla! site, from idea to execution The latest features of Joomla! and how to leverage them Who this book is for This book is for current and prospective web developers interested in using the Joomla! content management system, as well as for any web user seeking to learn how to selfa€“publish for a community.The installation includes the filename set to htaccess . txt, so it needs to be renamed to .htaccess for use. Tip 0n the Windows platform, Windows Explorerwill not let you rename the file to .htaccess because Windows sees this as an extension with no filename (like .txt). You can, however, use ... The Joomla manual recommends not using this file unless there are permission errors after loomla installation.

Title:Beginning Joomla!
Author:Dan Rahmel
Publisher:Apress - 2009-04-26


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