Beginning Java with WebSphere

Beginning Java with WebSphere

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Beginning Java with WebSphere provides a step-by-step guide for creating and installing both client- and server-based Java applications using Rapid Application Development v8, WebSphere Application Server 8.0, and Java. Since more and more Java applications are moving to the server and using HTML for the user interface, there is a minimal amount of time spent exploring the Java GUI components. More specifically, this book covers graphical user interfaces using RAD's Visual Editor, variables, conditional logic, and application improvements/enhancements from the client side. And, from the server-side, this book covers servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), database accessibility (JDBC), custom tags, and concludes with JavaServer Faces (JSFs). This book concentrate on base topics that allow you to get to the server-side and database topics quickly. What youa€™ll learn Design and build GUIs Create GUIs using RAD's Visual Editor Use variables, conditional logic, event handling and more Improve your application Move to the server, using Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs) Access a database using WebSphere Write custom server-side tags and build with JavaServer Faces (JSFs) Who this book is for This book is for those new to the Java programming language. Table of Contents1. Java Basics 2. Java on a PC 3. Graphical User Interfaces 4. More GUI and Visual Editor 5. Variables 6. Conditional Logic 7. Application Improvements 8. Servlets 9. Java Server Pages 10. Database Access 11. Custom Tags 12. Java Server Faces 13. Appendix A: Installing a Java Application on a PC 14. Appendix B: SQL 15. Appendix C: Installing a Java Application on WASOf course, each individual a€œtable classa€ will have to invoke the init method to ensure that the connection is created at least once. ... Databaseaquot;; user = aquot; anonymousaquot;; pw = aquot;guestaquot;; DB2DB extends DB{ DB2DB () { driver = aquot; as400.access.

Title:Beginning Java with WebSphere
Author:Robert W. Janson
Publisher:Apress - 2013-09-24


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