Becoming The Enchanter

Becoming The Enchanter

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After the death of her fianc-, Lyn Webster Wilde sought refuge in alcohol, meaningless affairs and her high-powered job as a film-maker. But a chance encounter changed her life and, after fulfilling a series of tests, she was cautiously welcomed into a secret fraternity. She discovered that her new companions were the guardians of an ancient tradition of knowledge every bit as potent and life-transforming as that of the Native Americans or Siberian Shamans. It is a tradition that reaches back through the wisdom of the Celts to the megalith-builders of the Neolithic age and which continues to this day in the British isles. This is Lyn's extraordinary true account of her experiences and adventures on her way to unlocking life-altering magical secrets and ultimately 'becoming the enchanter'.Men did not have that space inside of them, the space where the holy fire could kindlea€”they had to get access to it via women. ... It was this same sacred fire that would make the board of Cyrila#39;s diagram whirl, bring the dead lines of it to life.

Title:Becoming The Enchanter
Author:Lyn Webster Wilde
Publisher:Random House - 2011-06-30


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