Become a Maverick

Become a Maverick

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Apple, Panera Bread, and Procter a Gamble did not become some of the worlda€™s most successful companies by following the rules. The best of the brightest in industry have one secret: they defy conventional wisdom. Using real-world examples, insightful observations, and his own unique brand of counterintuitive solutions, longtime business consultant Dale Furtwengler explains how the biggest names in business have bucked convention and blazed their own trails to the top. In this concise companion work to the authora€™s Pricing for Profit, youa€™ll learn how: Am Much of what wea€™ve been told about growing a business is wrong. Am The financial press often reinforces these mistaken beliefs. Am Conventional thinking doesna€™t jibe with hard data. Am The most successful companies defy conventional thinking. Covering such topics as the importance of premium pricing, the mistaken chase for market share, the dangers of upselling, and rendering competitors irrelevant, Become a Maverick shows you how to think like a maverick and grow a company that will be profitable for decades to come.Companiesa#39; stock prices rise on news of market share gain and drop on reports of market share loss. Ita#39;s the ... of its iPhone launch, Apple loweredthe price by $200 a€”ostensibly toincrease itscustomer base (market share) before competitors anbsp;...

Title:Become a Maverick
Author:Dale Furtwengler
Publisher:Beyond The Page - 2015-01-22


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