Because It Works!

Because It Works!

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a€œDo you like my story?a€ a€œDid I write my personal essay right?a€ a€œWhat do you think of my poem?a€ a€œWhy is my work being rejected?a€ If youa€™re asking these questions and not getting helpful, constructive answers, try asking the only question that Glenda Baker and the editors of New England Writersa€™ Network ask: does it work? Because It Works! is a compilation of over 40 articles and exercises on the elements of writing fiction, personal essays, and poetry. Originally published in NEWN magazine, these articles are designed to help you determine if your writing worksa€”and if it doesna€™t, how you can make it work. Because it Works! shows you: 8 ways to characterize When not to use description Point of viewa€”simplified! What to show; what to tell The 10 dialogue commandments How and where to begin How to prop up the sagging middle The 8 awful endings Youa€™ll also learn how to critique and be critiqued, the writing process will be demystified, and youa€™ll understand that writera€™s block is not a writing problem! a€œIa€™ve just read your article on point of view. WOW. Clear, concise, to the point, and in no way confusing . . . this is the best and easiest explanation Ia€™ve seen.a€ a€”Arline Chase, author and instructor for Writera€™s Digest School.fiction writing techniques such as dialogue and sensory detail to dramatically relate the anecdote. ... Herea#39;s an example ofthe personal essay structure: I wrote an essay titled a€œThe Truth About Santa Clausa€ in which I described exactlywhat ... Personal essays are not simply anecdotesa€”the narration of an incident with noreflection or conclusion containing a lesson learned or new awareness gained .

Title:Because It Works!
Author:Glenda Baker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-04-17


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