Beauty Killers

Beauty Killers

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Janeen Snyder was only fourteen when she moved in with Michael Thornton, his wife, and teenage daughter. Michael was a successful entrepreneur and family man with eight beauty salons and a six-figure income-but two years later, he gave it all up to run away with Janeen. At last, on the road with his new young lover, Michael could indulge his darkest, wildest obsessions ... They worked together as a team, luring girls into their twisted world of violence, and depravity. They drugged them, trained them, bound them, abused them. And for many years, Michael and Janeen were never caught...until police uncovered the body of a Las Vegas teen in a horse trailer. One by one, detectives found other victims-the lucky ones who survived, but had been too terrified to come forward. Soon, the world would learn just how sick and deranged these lovers really were. Beauty Killers is a terrifying true story of sex, torture and murder--an illicit affair between two people who discovered a desire to kill...Born with a cleft palate, Michelle bore a slight dimple on her upper lip as a result of the surgery she had had as a toddler to repair it. ... Lindholm Ranch Rubidoux, California April 18, 2001, 2:45 a.m. Detective Welch was the newest detective, so he had the worst car. The department had assigned Welch a burgundy Buick Regal, the final survivor of a prior fleet purchase, as his unmarked detective unit a€”anbsp;...

Title:Beauty Killers
Author:Kathy Braidhill
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-04-27


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