Beating Stress, Anxiety And Depression

Beating Stress, Anxiety And Depression

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The epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression that is sweeping the Western world is accompanied by huge social, economic and personal costs. This accessible and groundbreaking book is designed to help sufferers, their families and health professionals. The authors, both former sufferers, argue that the medical profession's current approach is not working. They dispel the fear and prejudice surrounding mental illness and present a new, effective programme for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. They describe the successes that they and others have achieved through new treatment methods. You will discover your risk factors and how to reduce them, how mental health problems can be diagnosed more effectively and how to ensure the best possible treatment. They go on to present the 10 lifestyle factors that affect the likelihood of developing anxiety and depression, and reveal the 10 food factors that can improve mental well-being. BEATING STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION is essential reading for sufferers and their families.... electrical charges to turn on its circuits, or ions with negative charges to turn off its circuits (see diagram page 54). ... It does this not by altering neurons but by building or strengthening the connections between them, effectively rewiring itself .

Title:Beating Stress, Anxiety And Depression
Author:Jane Plant, Janet Stephenson
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-05-07


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