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Be Successful is your Manual for Getting the Most out of Life. It is combining the innate human desire to achieve a purposeful life with management principles and methods to facilitate personal fulfilment. The author is convinced that knowledge alone, as acquired by formal education, has to be complemented by Life skills(social competence) and Wisdo to accomplish private and professional life objectives successfully. What does it mean for you to be successful and how can you reach your goals? Be Successful gives you the answers and provides you with tools and techniques to achieve your purpose in life: a€c Learn to understand the WEB of Success and to define what success means for you personally; a€c Get a better insight of yourself through a guided Self-discovery process; a€c Follow the Cycle of Success, from your Wishes and Dreams to Visions and Missions, leading you to find and formulate your personal Goals in all areas and roles of your life; a€c Learn to manage and optimise your scarce personal Resources: Time, Money and Energy. Be Successful assists you on your way to success and gives you 34 Mind maps visualizing individual topics, and more than thirty Forms and Worksheets for immediate use, to improve your performance and to effectively and efficiently find the path to realise your own dreams.YOUR MANUAL FOR GETTING THE MOST OUT OF LIFE Felix Imhof ... 2005, Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves (p.158), Smart Publications, Petaluma, CA USA Poli, D 2011, Zen stone thrown on the water on white background, iStockphoto. com, anbsp;...

Author:Felix Imhof
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-06-15


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