Battery Operated Devices and Systems

Battery Operated Devices and Systems

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For researchers interested in devices and systems drawing power from batteries, this book will be a valuable information source. It reports on many applications in detail and presents the essentials of batteries. Links to further reading are provided through the 275 references. In chapter 1, all applications in the portable and industrial areas are introduced. Some market considerations follow with details on specific sectors. In chapter 2, basic characteristics of all primary and secondary batteries used in these applications are reviewed. The most recent trends, especially for the ubiquitous lithium ion batteries, are covered. In chapter 3, portable applications, e.g. mobile phones, notebook computers, cameras, camcorders, personal digital assistants, medical instruments, power tools, portable GPS, etc., are described with details on their electronic aspects. There is particular emphasis on the devicesa€™ power consumption and management for the implications on battery life and the devicesa€™ runtime. Battery management is also dealt with in detail, particularly as far as the charging methods are concerned. The criteria of battery choice are stressed. The comprehensive chapter on industrial applications includes aerospace, telecommunications, emergency systems, load levelling, energy storage, toll collection, different meters, data loggers, oil drilling, oceanography, meteorology, etc. The final part of this section is devoted to wireless connectivity, i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee, which is exploited in many portable and industrial applications. - A comprehensive review of battery applications - Includes 209 figures and 62 tables - Describes state-of-the-art technological developmentsBlock diagram of ECM of an ICE vehicle. The engine unit is enclosed in the light- grey area. Source: Courtesy of ... turns of the wheels. In a conventional car, both wheels are mechanically linked, this generating a slip angle upon turning and increasing the car resistance ... An electronic transmission improves efficiency and performance, and is already implemented in Toyotaa#39;s hybrids. Engine Fuel tankanbsp;...

Title:Battery Operated Devices and Systems
Author:Gianfranco Pistoia
Publisher:Elsevier - 2008-09-24


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