Basic Training for the Fight of Your Life, the Final Stand

Basic Training for the Fight of Your Life, the Final Stand

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The purpose of the book is to revive the spirit of real Christianity in the United States, stand against our 'Adversary' and turn from our collective moral drift. Done as an analogy by telling my experiences in Basic Training in the Army and how those experiences relate to Christianity. The book is divided into three parts. The first part is Individual Training skill sets. For example, my volunteering in the Army and the transition from civilian to soldier. Likewise the transition from not being a Christian to voluntarily wanting to be one and the transition that takes place. Another is my experience on a compass course where I started out doing well but got lost and finally found my way to the finish. I compare the compass to the Bible and relate it to life. Other examples as well. The second part is Opposing Forces Training where I learned how the enemy operates and received training focused around defeating him. I apply that to learning the ways of Satan because just like a victorious army, you must know your spiritual enemy to be successful against him. And the third and last phase is the reclamation which is brought about only by the application of the first two phases. That is reinforced by quotes from prominent people from the past.It is now time for the last act of Drill Sergeant Aftona#39;s Academy Award winning play. We had all ... This will be enhanced by the demo man blowing up the Command Post, the ammo and prepping the area with half a dozen artillery simulators.

Title:Basic Training for the Fight of Your Life, the Final Stand
Author:Robert Mayhew - 2013-02-01


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