Basic Algebra and Geometry Made a Bit Easier Lesson Plans

Basic Algebra and Geometry Made a Bit Easier Lesson Plans

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This is the fifth book in the Math Made a Bit Easier series by independent math tutor Larry Zafran. It contains 50 abridged lesson plans covering basic algebra and geometry, for a target audience of tutors, parents, and homeschoolers. Each lesson plan includes all of the components of a typical classroom lesson such as aim, motivation, warm-up exercises, demonstrative examples, questions for thought and discussion, and connections to earlier and later material. This book is intended to be used in strict conjunction with the fourth book of the series (Basic Algebra and Geometry Made a Bit Easier: Concepts Explained in Plain English). The book assumes that the instructor actually knows the material him/herself, but could benefit from having a general guideline to follow. The author makes a point of identifying the concepts which most students tend to find easy or difficult, including suggestions on how to help with the latter. The book includes an introduction describing how the book can be put to best use, as well as a section on how to effectively work with students who are struggling with the material. The author explains that for the vast majority of students, the root of the problem can be traced back to never having fully mastered basic math concepts and skills. The book's lessons make frequent reference to reviewing earlier books in the series as needed so that the student masters all of the prerequisite material.POINTS TO REEMPHASIZE: In later math, the student will be required to factor more challenging polynomials such as ones ... INSTRUCTORa#39;S NOTES: LESSON PLANS LESSON 24 AIM/TOPIC(S): Factoring the difference of two 63 LESSONanbsp;...

Title:Basic Algebra and Geometry Made a Bit Easier Lesson Plans
Author:Larry Zafran
Publisher:Larry Zafran - 2010


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