Banshee Illuminated

Banshee Illuminated

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In a world where modern conveniences live alongside magic, where Dragons, DenYa, and humans co-exist in relative harmony, there is a city named Sakicha City. Seven powerful DenYa clans, fifteen police precincts, one million people, and one human police officer. What challenges await Banshee, and what darkness lurks just beneath the surface of the busy city life?Kae Yau never opted to participate due to her dislike for any technology more complicated than a manual typewriter. Banshee used to join in, before shea#39;d lost her beloved typewriter to the officious Rosemary Bortswali. The game just wasna#39;t anbsp;...

Title:Banshee Illuminated
Author:Den Pratt - 2015-01-31


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