Band Boys

Band Boys

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What was it like to play music in a teenage rock and roll band in the era of 45-RPM records, dances in the school cafeteria, and the Beatles on AM radio? Band Boys reveals the inner workings of the lives of the Blue Beats-six teenage boys mastering music in a thriving town that embraced them and the music they loved. Sporting Silvertone amplifiers, a pack of electric guitars, a used set of drums, a screaming Farfisa organ, and unbridled enthusiasm, the Blue Beats plunge headlong into the teenage band craze of the 1960s. Find the band boys dancing as Order of the Arrow braves, working in fast food restaurants, inspired by school music teachers, encouraged by an optimistic Boy Scout leader, and supported by wise council from families. Uncovering the secret behind forming a band and keeping it alive, Band Boys tells more than a story of boys, bands, and music but portrays a legacy created from human relationships and built on events that bind lives together. To round out Band Boys, concise biographies of popular musicians and musical instrument developers, plus a unique glossary are provided.a€œMy dad worked out a wiring diagram for the speakers thata#39;ll give us the maximum power output, a€ Dennis informed us. a€œTherea#39;s a Clarion amp at Electronic Supply I want you cats to see. Ita#39;s just what we need. What do you say we all pitch in toanbsp;...

Title:Band Boys
Author:Kim Bruce Peyton
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-03


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