AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook

AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook

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The AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook is a comprehensive guide to designing with Atmel's new controller family, which is designed to offer high speed and low power consumption at a lower cost. The main text is divided into three sections: hardware, which covers all internal peripherals; software, which covers programming and the instruction set; and tools, which explains using Atmel's Assembler and Simulator (available on the Web) as well as IAR's C compiler. Practical guide for advanced hobbyists or design professionals Development tools and code available on the WebOscillator: A circuit that produces a constant-frequency square wave used by the computer as a timing or sequencing reference. A microcontroller typically includes all elements of this circuit except the frequency-determining component( s)anbsp;...

Title:AVR RISC Microcontroller Handbook
Author:Claus Kuhnel
Publisher:Elsevier - 1998-10-02


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