Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

Aviation Psychology and Human Factors

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While it is true that fortune favors the prepared mind, in the field of aviation, it may be equally true that misfortune often punishes an unprepared mind. To be fully prepared, pilots must have comprehensive knowledge of weather, aerodynamics, propulsion, navigation, and all the other technical disciplines. However, they must also have a comprehensive understanding of the component that is simultaneously the most fragile and most resilient, the most unreliable and the most adaptablea€”the human being. Aviation Psychology and Human Factors explores the application of psychological principles and techniques to the specific situations and problems of aviation. It provides a complete overview of the role of psychology in the field of aviation. The authors address the contribution of psychology in the design of aviation systems, the selection and training of pilots, the psychological characteristics of pilots that may relate to aviation safety, and to the behavior of passengers. They cover key concepts of psychological research and data analysis at a depth that fosters a greater appreciation of how these tools are used in the development of new psychological knowledge. A keener understanding of aviation psychology will better prepare pilots for the demands that aviation will make. While many books cover this subject for psychologists, very few, if any present the material to pilots. With balanced coverage that makes the material accessible to both, this book makes pilots aware of the positive impact psychology and its application can have on improving aviation operations, providing specific information that pilots can use in their daily operations. It gives psychologists a better understanding of how their discipline is applied to aviation, while giving pilots the tools to better evaluate and implement future products in the field of aviation psychology.He points out that one measure of this complexity is the size of the instruction manual that accompanies each unit. ... and display for a traditional VOR navigation system could be explained in, at most, 10 pages; however, manuals for GPS receivers typically contain 100a€“300 pages. ... Trimble Navigation: http:// www.trimble.com/gps/index.shtml+Garmin Navigation: http://www8.garmin.com/ aboutGPS/anbsp;...

Title:Aviation Psychology and Human Factors
Author:Monica Martinussen, David R. Hunter
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-09-28


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