Autonomy and Self-Respect

Autonomy and Self-Respect

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This stimulating collection of essays in ethics eschews the simple exposition and refinement of abstract theories. Rather, the author focuses on everyday moral issues, often neglected by philosophers, and explores the deeper theoretical questions which they raise. Such issues are: Is it wrong to tell a lie to protect someone from a painful truth? Should one commit a lesser evil to prevent another from doing something worse? Can one be both autonomous and compassionate? Other topics discussed are servility, weakness of will, suicide, obligations to oneself, snobbery, and environmental concerns. A feature of the collection is the contrast of Kantian and utilitarian answers to these problems. The essays are crisply and lucidly written and will appeal to both teachers and students of philosophy.These essays concern moral questions that virtually everyone faces in daily life, not specialized topics that arise only in the particular ... Some are dramatic, and others quite familiar; but all of the examples raise recurring moral perplexities.

Title:Autonomy and Self-Respect
Author:Thomas E. Hill
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1991-07-26


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