Automatic Titrators

Automatic Titrators

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Automatic Titrators focuses on the contributions and effects of modern automation on volumetric analysis. The book presents titration as a modern instrumental method in this kind of analysis. Divided into nine chapters, the book proceeds by defining the value of automatic titration methods. The text also outlines the general considerations of titrate design wherein instrumental indicators, recorders, and controllers are given emphasis. Automatic potentiometric titrates are also discussed. A historical tracing of these titrators is presented as well as the trends and kinds of modern automatic titrators. The book also touches on automatic photometric and automatic coulometric titrators. Supporting discussions focus on photosensitive devices; photometric titration curves; coulometric circuits; instruments with potentiometric, amperometric, and photometric indication; and multipurpose coulometric titrators. The book ends by fully discussing automatic and continuous titrators, commercially available titrators, and applications of automatic titration methods. The selection can best serve those wanting to explore the function of titrators in volumetric analysis.tial, and the additions are usually smaller and greater in number than would be feasible in a manual microtitration. ... It is followed by two low gain amplifiers that provide a signal for actuating a thyratron relay that disengages the magnetic clutch that controls titrant feed and chart motion. ... iron with ceric sulfate, uranium with ceric sulfate, and cobalt with potassium ferrocyanide titrations using appropriateanbsp;...

Title:Automatic Titrators
Author:J Philips
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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