Auto Mania

Auto Mania

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The twentieth-century American experience with the automobile has much to tell us about the relationship between consumer capitalism and the environment, Tom McCarthy contends. In Auto Mania he presents the first environmental history of the automobile that shows how consumer desire (and manufacturer decisions) created impacts across the product lifecyclea€”from raw material extraction to manufacturing to consumer use to disposal. From the provocative public antics of young millionaires who owned the first cars early in the twentieth century to the SUV craze of the 1990s, Auto Mania explores developments that touched the environment. Along the way McCarthy examines how Henry Forda€™s fetish for waste reduction tempered the environmental impacts of Model T mass production; how Elvis Presleya€™s widely shared postwar desire for Cadillacs made matters worse; how the 1970s energy crisis hurt small cars; and why baby boomers ignored worries about global warming. McCarthy shows that problems were recognized early. The difficulty was addressing them, a matter less of doing scientific research and educating the public than implementing solutions through Americaa€™s market economy and democratic government. Consumer and producer interests have rarely aligned in helpful ways, and automakers and consumers have made powerful opponents of regulation. The result has been a mixed record of environmental reform with troubling prospects for the future.For red-state Republicans, see Gina Chon, a€œCars and Politics, a€ Wall Street Journal, 17 Apr. 2006, R5. 21. Bill Maher ... The problems of the 1980s and 1990s are well covered by Luger, Corporate Power, 127a€“133, 154a€“ 171. On the 1985 ... On the Mini Cooper, see Peter Bohr, a€œIs There Room in America for the Small Car?

Title:Auto Mania
Author:Tom McCarthy
Publisher:Yale University Press - 2007


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