Atom, Molecule, and Cluster Beams I

Atom, Molecule, and Cluster Beams I

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HanDy any other expenmental method has resulted 10 so much depth of knowl edge and fundamental mslghts 10 the phYSICS and chemlstry of the 20th century as has the molecular beam method Its successful apphcatlOns can be traced 10 many and even diStant branches of these SClences Although many reVIew artlcles about the experlffiental techmques and therr deployment to solve problems in various fields have been written, the number of qtextbooksq has stayed low After the first, small monograph by Ronald Fraser (1931, 1937) (qMolecular Raysq), outl101Og the baslcs of the then current tech nologles and the results of early 1Ovestlgahons, WhlCh was revlsed and updated 10 the 1950s by Kenneth F. Srruth (1955) (qMolecular Beamsq), the book by Norman F. Ramsey (1956) (qMolecular Beamsq) appeared It comprehenslVely descnbed the then current status of the techmques and gave an excellent survey of the molecular beam resonance method, lts foundatlOns, and the results obtamed so far ThlS book, repnnted unrevlsed after almost thlrty years, lS wtthout doubt counted as one ofthe great standard works ofmodem phYSICS When Ramsey's book appeared, the area was already 10 astate of change Whlle molecular beam work had concentrated for twenty years on the resonance method, other shll open problems were now belOg plcked up, especlally questlOns fundamental to cherrustry, where It became posslble for the first time to study ele mentary reachons 10 lsolated, s10gle colhsl0ns In 1973, Fluendy and Lawley summanzed thlS partlcular aspect and the then current progress 10 expenmentalqA consistent, up-to-date description of the extremely manifold and varied experimental techniques which nowadays enable work with neutral particles.

Title:Atom, Molecule, and Cluster Beams I
Author:Hans Pauly
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-06-05


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